Policy of Cookies


Over the upper margin of the website appears the message "This website make use of cookies". You may know that it is a dump of anonymous statistic data used to improve the internal operation and learn from the user experience when navigating. 


Precisely, the cookies are applications installed in your devices (Smartphone, tablet or computer) during the walkthrough on pages, which work storing information about your visit. As many other websites Telater will use this tool as follows:


  • Store your preferences, as language selected or word size.

  • Collect what pages have you seen and how long have you there.

  • Detect the sort of device accessing.

  • To know the amount of users accessing online.


At any moment you can access to your browser settings to modify or block its installation, without impede the content access. However, the quality of services operation could be affected. On other hand, the users that complete the registration procees or have initiated session with their own access data will be able to access to personalized services, adapted to their preferences according to the personal information given at the registration moment and stored in the cookie of your browser.


¿ What are the different types of Cookies in use at TELATER site ?


  • Temporal cookies: The aperture of session generates temporal cookies that remain active while visiting the website, therefore they are deleted once we left.

  • Permanent cookies: These expire once the objective has been complied or when they are deleted manually, having deleting date and usually being used online during buying processes, customizations or at any resgistration avoiding the need pasword constantly.     


¿ Who will save information from TELATER website ?


It depends on the entity managing the domain. If the website contains links leading to other pages (social networks, video applications), our information will be dumped into tertiary entities. It is clear that TELATER won't have any access to data saved in other cookies domains. 


¿ Do we update the cookies policy ?


It is quite usual to update the cookies policy, therefore we advise you to consider the read of this policy every time you access to our website with the objective of being completely informed about how and for what we use the cookies. The Cookies policy was updated last time at 26 of October of 2015.




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